Shell Beach Surf Shop - for all of your surfing needs on California's Central Coast

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Shell Beach Surf Shop ... where the waves are always breaking behind the store.

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The best way to get surf instruction on the Central Coast. Ahepatokla provides high quality surf instruction for all levels of surfers.

Shell Beach Surf Shop Travels

We're a shop that covets great surf travel. We organize two yearly trips to amazing international surf spots. Take a look at some of our past trips!


We invite you down to our shop to discover our great products; from Patagonia to Shell Beach Surf Shop brand. We have a great selection of goods for everybody!

Shell Beach Surf Shop Surfboards

Eclipse Single Fin Surfboard

"Eclipse" Single Fin
6'1" x 20.75" 2.88"


Koz McRae Fun Shaped Surfboard

Koz McRae Fun Shape
7'6" "Turkish Lurker"


Shell Beach Surf Shop Clothing

Assorted Shop Clothing for Girls

Seapod Trucker Hat ($27) + SBSS Tank Top ($27.99) + "Sami" Pant ($55)

Lobos Del Mar hat ($60) + SBSS T-Shirt ($28.99) + Cypress Boardshort ($68.99)

Other Goodies from
Shell Beach Surf Shop

"Eclipse" Traditional Twin Fin Fish
5'10" x 21.25" x 2.5"


Sunray Sun Hat ($48) + Body Glove "Lily" Dress ($76)